Commercial Weatherization

Commercial Insulation Services in Baltimore, MD

Save money and energy on your next commercial building projects with our help.

We are not just experts in residential insulation and energy services. Our team provides expert commercial weatherization services to commercial building owners and managers in Baltimore and throughout Maryland.

In addition to upgrading commercial insulation and commercial air sealing, our commercial energy team can complement your commercial projects through complete energy upgrades AND by making your construction process easier by:

  • Doing testing throughout the project so you can be sure you are hitting CFM benchmarks for air sealing.
  • Minimizing change orders and decreasing your expenses by assisting you in developing a complete scope of work at the beginning of the project.
  • Utilizing certified installers who understand the building envelope and why to install certain materials so you know your job is properly installed each time.

Why is it worth including energy upgrades in your next commercial project? 

Energy upgrades will lower monthly energy bills, reducing variable operating costs. Consider these facts:

  • Commercial energy upgrades can show a return on their investment within 24 months, and in as little as 12 months.
  • BGE may cover up to 50% of the project cost!
  • In addition to BGE incentives, Federal tax deductions can further reduce the project cost.

Contact us to learn how increasing commercial energy improvement can enhance your next project, reduce monthly operating expenses and have project costs offset by available incentives.