Attics & Air Sealing

Air Sealing - Devere Insulation Home Performance
Energy efficiency begins in the attic. Did you know that 70% of energy loss is up, not out? By increasing the efficiency of your attic, a homeowner can begin to see a reduction in energy bills almost immediately.

Energy efficiency is about more than crawl space insulation. An efficient attic includes air sealing. According to the Department of Energy, having your home air sealed by qualified wall insulation companies can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs.

Air Sealing
Air sealing services prevent airflow between a home and the attic. Proper air sealing services help heated and cooled air stay inside the home by closing the gaps that leak air. Think of air sealing like closing a window before running air conditioning – why condition the interior air if you are going to let it sneak out through a gap in your home’s envelope?

Your home may have leaks that are easily spotted though a visual inspection. It likely also has many other holes in its envelope that can’t be easily seen. These air leaks are found around light boxes, plumbing stacks, soffit drops, basement box sills and more.

If you are remodeling your home or building a new home, our insulation contractor will recommend insulating top plates. A top top plate is also known as the upper wall plate or ceiling plate and isn't something that can be seen or accessed in an existing home. By sealing top plates, you can reduce air transfer from conditioned living space to unconditioned attic insulation space.

Air Leaks - Devere Insulation Home Performance
Air Leaks - Devere Insulation Home Performance
These photos demonstrate the importance of air sealing after remodeling. If not done properly there can be even more penetration points from which air can escape.

Attic Blow Insulation - Devere Insulation Home Performance
When upgrading spray foam insulation in existing homes, blow in fiberglass is added on top of existing blow insulation. This adds R-value to the home and creates a fresh new blanket of protection.

Even newer homes can benefit from an upgraded insulation consultation by an insulation contractor. As building codes increase, nearly all homes need more basement insulation services to ensure they are meeting current standards.
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