Commercial Lighting Fixtures in Baltimore, MD

Commercial Lighting - Devere Insulation Home Performance
DeVere Insulation Home Performance has been working with commercial buildings to upgrade their old, inefficient lighting fixtures to energy efficient LED fixtures. These upgrades have drastically reduced monthly operating expenses and increased their bottom line. In addition to monthly savings on energy bills, there are financial incentives that help offset the cost of upgrading your lighting, including both Federal and local incentives!

Why upgrade your lighting? Consider these facts:
  • Outdated lighting in a large commercial or industrial building can be responsible for up to 80% of your on-site electricity usage.
  • The savings made by new energy efficient lighting is typically the single biggest cut in electricity consumption (and carbon footprint) in one single step, reducing energy consumption up to 80%. That’s real money that can flow directly to your bottom line.
  • Energy saving lighting retrofits provides a quick, guaranteed return. Companies commonly see a return on the investment within 24 months, and in as little as 12 months.
  • BGE may cover up to 50% of the project cost!
  • In addition to BGE incentives, Federal tax deductions can further reduce your project cost.
  • Upgraded lighting has indirect financial benefits including an estimated 16 years of no lighting maintenance costs, better team productivity and improved working conditions.

Contact us to learn how upgrading your lighting can save money each month – and receive reimbursement for your project cost!
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