Comprehensive Air Sealing Services in Baltimore, MD

Air Leaks - Devere Insulation Home PerformanceLeaking air in a home can affect your heating and cooling systems — as well as your wallet. To ensure that the climate control systems in your home are working as efficiently as possible (and that your energy bills stay low), it’s important to make sure that all sources of air leakage in your home are sealed. At DeVere Insulation Home Performance, our Baltimore, MD insulation professionals proudly provide comprehensive air sealing services to homes across the region. Learn more about air sealing below, and contact our team at (443) 770-1111 to set up a consultation and inspection today!

What Is Air Sealing?

Air Leaks - Devere Insulation Home PerformanceAir sealing is the first step in any insulation project. Air sealing involves blocking off sources of air leakage in the building’s envelope. When air is able to escape through sources such as light boxes, soffit drops, windows, and other penetration points, your home’s energy system has to work harder to maintain your home’s interior climate. Air sealing uses sealants such as caulking to ensure that conditioned air stays where it’s supposed to, saving you energy and money.

Top Plate Sealing
Top plate sealing is perhaps the most important air sealing project for those building a new home or performing an extensive home remodel. Top plates are components of your walls that are inaccessible at times other that construction. Often times, home construction teams will leave small space between top plates to allow for the home to settle. When this doesn’t quite happen as planned, those gaps can be a major airflow problem. If you are remodeling or building a new home, consider having  your top plates air sealed.

The Advantages of Professional Air Sealing 

There are several advantages to having your home professionally air sealed. An experienced insulation contractor knows where to look to find sources of air leakage you might never have considered. An air sealing professional will also be able to recommend the proper method to seal air leaks in your home and be able to perform air sealing with a high level of precision. 

The DeVere Insulation Home Performance Difference

At DeVere Insulation Home Performance, our insulation experts have extensive experience air sealing homes across the greater Baltimore, MD area. We work efficiently to find all sources of air leaks in your home and seal them with the right products. Our dedication to excellent customer service and has earned us countless client testimonials, which you can read here. Save energy and save money by having your home air sealed by our team today!

To learn more about our air sealing services, contact our Baltimore, MD insulation company at (443) 770-1111.
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