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At DeVere Insulation Home Performance, we are committed to bringing our customers energy efficient home insulation solutions to help them save money and stay comfortable year-round. We use spray foam insulation, the industry’s leading home insulation product, to help homeowners achieve high-quality insulation and air-sealing in one long-lasting treatment. Learn more about the advantages of spray foam home insulation below, and contact our Baltimore, MD insulation contractors at (443) 770-1111 to schedule a free consultation today!

About Spray Foam Home Insulation

While there are several types of home insulation products on the market, our insulation contractors at DeVere Insulation Home Performance typically work with spray foam insulation on our home insulation projects. There are two types of spray foam insulation — open cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam — that can be used for a number of diverse applications. Open cell spray foam is affordable and lightweight (due to the fact that it absorbs air bubbles when applied), though it is not as insulating as closed cell spray foam. Closed cell spray foam is more insulating and efficient, though it is also more expensive. Both of these spray foam options have several energy-saving benefits and advantages of over other products. These are detailed below.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Home Insulation

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There are several reasons why spray foam insulation is an excellent choice for homes of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Firstly, both open cell and closed cell spray foams have a higher R-value (insulation ranking) than almost any other insulation product on the market today. This is largely because spray foam insulation performs the duties of air sealing and insulating in one product. Not only does it tightly cover all nooks and crannies — it then expands to create o powerful insulation layer. Spray foam insulation is also moisture and mold resistant, long-lasting, and eco-friendly when compared to other forms of insulation such as blow-in insulation. And the energy savings can’t be argued: on average, spray foam insulation saves homeowners 50% on their home energy bills (versus an average of 30% from other insulation types).

Professional Home Insulation at DeVere Insulation Home Performance

If you are considering adding spray foam insulation or crawl space insulation to your home, it’s important to hire a professional to handle the job effectively and efficiently. Here at DeVere Insulation Home Performance, we specialize in spray foam insulation for all types of homes in Baltimore, MD. Our highly-trained technicians will take the time to assess your property and apply spray foam in targeted areas for maximum energy efficiency. Fully licensed and insured with many glowing client testimonials, we are committed to bringing you Baltimore’s best in home insulation.

Learn more about our spray foam home insulation services by calling our Baltimore, MD home insulation team at (443) 770-1111 today!
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