Spring has most people thinking about sunny days and warm weather. Spring should also have you thinking about your crawl space. With spring melting and rain, your crawl space can become damp and fill with water. Having your crawl space in proper condition will help keep water out of your crawl space and maintain the structural integrity of your home.

There are a few key factors to ensure your crawl space is in good shape this spring:

Moving water away from your foundation will help keep water out of your crawl space. Make sure water properly drains away from your home, rather than having it find a path of its own – into your crawl space.

It is common for cracks to appear on the walls of your crawl space over time. Sealing cracks in the walls of your crawl space can help minimize water and keep pests out.

Insulating your crawl space helps maintain the temperature of the floors in your home and can keep unwanted contaminants out of your home. Contact our office to have your crawl space evaluated and learn the proper insulation method.

Check your crawl space now because spring moisture is on the way! Contact our office to schedule your free estimate. Have other crawl space or insulation questions? Give us a call!